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How much does Part B coverage cost?

According to Medicare.gov, most beneficiaries pay only 25% of the total premium cost for Part B, leaving the remaining 75% to be paid by the government. Individuals with higher incomes, based on the income reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), pay a larger percentage of the total cost for Part B.

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They Need More of My Money

Do you ever feel like the Federal Government cannot get enough of your money? They always seem to be digging deeper into your pocket, asking for more. Well, here is their explanation for your increased premium.

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Help for Individuals with Limited Income

There are many misconceptions regarding Medicare. One such fallacy is that Medicare is a free service provided to all American citizens age 65 and older. On the contrary, Medicare can be quite expensive. So, what is a person to do if he or she has limited income?

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