Employer & HR Solutions

Are you a business owner who needs answers to these questions?

  • How do I attract and retain key employees?
  • How do I enhance my company’s benefits?
  • Do I need a retirement plan and, if so, which is best for my company?
  • What is the best solution for my company’s group health and life insurance needs?
  • Who should handle my company’s HR functions?
  • What do I and/or my employees need to know about transitioning into Medicare?
  • Should I offer ancillary benefits along with health insurance?
  • How can I mitigate my compliance liability when I provide benefits to my employees?

Our Partner, ExodusHR

Many of our clients wish they had more time to focus on what they actually got into business to do in the first place.

This is a prime motivator behind why we have partnered with Exodus HR Group, a full-service, outsourced HR department, and/or an a la carte payroll plus provider. While outsourcing HR functions is not the right answer for all McKnight clients, it may be a beneficial solution for clients whose philosophy of business practice aligns with the Exodus HR Group.

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ThinkHR Workplace

A cloud-based platform of integrated HR resources and training supported by live HR experts.

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Employee Navigator

Employee Navigator

Employees will love HR with Employee Navigator!  Ditch the paper and modernize corporate communication campaigns with HR self-service during enrollment each year.

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