Many McKnight clients wish they had more time to focus on what they actually got into business to do in the first place.

This is a prime motivator behind why our Employee Benefits segment has such a passion for helping our clients craft specialized benefit plans that particularly fit their needs and budgets. But that is only one piece of the puzzle for many businesses. Another large piece of the puzzle is payroll, Human Resources, and the amount of time (and risk) involved in managing all things “HR.”

So in order to help our clients complete that puzzle, we have partnered with Exodus HR Group, a full-service, outsourced HR department, and/or an a la carte payroll plus provider. While outsourcing HR functions is not the right answer for all McKnight clients, it may be a beneficial solution for clients whose philosophy of business practice aligns with the Exodus HR Group.

Read on to learn more about this company and why we have chosen to partner with them. The Exodus HR Group service team represents seasoned professionals in their industry with many years of experience in their field. Their business has been and is being built on the reputation of their people coupled with a pro-active, client-centered service environment creating satisfied clients.

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Payroll processing and tax administration are nonproductive tasks for companies. Pass the employee paperwork to Exodus HR and focus on growing your business. With Exodus, you will have access to a variety of payroll trending and management reports to help you efficiently manage your payroll costs. Whether you prefer to use our secure Internet-based payroll processing system, or call on our team of payroll coordinators for assistance, your satisfaction is their priority. LEARN MORE


Exodus HR’s services are designed to maximize employee productivity, improve employee relations and reduce employer risks associated with personnel administration. Their team is trained to help your organization comply with the multitude of federal and state regulatory and reporting requirements. Exodus’ SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) certified HR experts will review your company’s employment practices and provide guidance and training in how to reduce exposure in areas such as: hiring, disciplinary actions, and separation of employees. LEARN MORE


Companies that have healthy and safe employees are far more productive. Exodus HR helps protect your company from costly workplace injuries by providing comprehensive risk management solutions including workers’ compensation insurance and customized safety programs. LEARN MORE

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NOTE: Exodus HR is a fee based payroll and onsite HR service with quotes available upon request.  McKnight may receive compensation from Exodus HR.