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There are many companies who have core values. What makes the establishment of McKnight’s Core Values different is that we want to PROVE IT! Follow our Get It R.I.G.H.T. blog to see as we work to prove that we strive to be Respectful, Inspired, Gracious, Honest, & Thorough!

Retire with Power: The Next Ten Years

62 and You Is now a good time to claim my Social Security, work part time or fully retire? When it comes to Social Security, most of my clients have benefited from some type of Social Security Claiming Strategy. My own concept regarding Social Security has changed...

Medicare Madness It’s Simple, Really

Transitioning into Medicare can be stressful. While the subtitle is a bit tongue in check, simplifying Medicare can be achieved. The following is intended to provide you with the important highlights regarding your onboarding to Medicare. For a more in-depth study, I...

When Facing Medicare Decisions

When facing the many decisions about Medicare, you should feel confident that your needs are what matter most. From the question of whether to continue working and opting out of Part B, to the choice of a Supplement Plan along with a Drug Card or an Advantage Plan,...

A book, a blog, and Mondays with Mr. Medicare

In early 2017, Hillary started working on what we now call “Monday’s with Mr. Medicare”, where he takes a commonly asked Medicare question and answers it in the form of a blog. His answers are based on CMS guidelines and his personal research and experience for the hundreds of individuals he has helped throughout the years. The blogs have now grown and the need for more information from the community is what guided Hillary and his McKnight team to create and publish the book, “Navigating Medicare” which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Only 10%

Only 10% of employers are confident that workers understand their healthcare choices. Healthcare is a major expense for working Americans of all ages, and while some folks don’t get a choice in their coverage, many employees have the option to select the right insurance plan for their needs. Unfortunately, a large number of these workers inevitably end up making the wrong decision.

What Is A Special Needs Plan? (Part Two)

In the last Blog, I spoke of Special Needs Plans. Another of the Special Needs Plans is the Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP). D-SNPs enroll individuals who are entitled to both Medicare (Title XVIII) and medical assistance from a state plan under Medicaid.


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