How to Get Totally Lost on the Road to Medicare

As many people are near “aging-in” to Medicare, they can find themselves completely lost among the choices.  Between Medicare eligibility, Medicare insurance options, making the choice to continue to work or retire, and the unknowns of future healthcare costs – it is difficult to decide which route is right for you.

Here at McKnight we specialize in helping clients navigate the complicated road to Medicare and avoid the many potholes.

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In this educational seminar we’ll cover:

  • Understanding Medicare Road Signs
  • Creating a Road Map for addressing Health Care Costs
  • Avoiding Medicare potholes

All joking aside, the road to Medicare is complicated and there are many potholes that you can find yourself in if you’re not careful.  This seminar will help prepare those who are aging-in to Medicare or getting close to retirement age. This type of seminar can also be very beneficial for the children or caregivers of parents of those aging-in to Medicare.

Join us so that you will NOT get lost on the road to Medicare.

Mr. Medicare can join any team for a 30 minutes seminar on the above and will stick around for a quick Q&A. Our Medicare services are at no charge.

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