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How can McKnight help you transition into Medicare?

McKnight offers advisory services and insurance products to guide you through the Medicare process. We believe that insurance plays a foundational role to protect savings and your family in the case of a chronic illness or medical event.

Medicare Products and Advice

The Medicare law and requirements are constantly changing and can be intensely complicated. At McKnight, our Advisors complete training each year to guide our clients on their options and advise on best practices.

Following the McKnight Proven Process, we suggest you start the planning conversation at least 90 days from either your 65th birthday or your planned retirement date.  Many factors, including timelines required at the Federal level, are important to consider.

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Route 65: How To Get Totally Lost On The Road To Retirement

Many people find that as they near retirement age they can find themselves completely lost among the choices.  Between Medicare eligibility, Medicare insurance choices, Tax-deferred assets, 401K savings, Social Security eligibility, and the unknowns of if you will actually have enough money to see you through retirement.

Here at McKnight we specialize in helping clients navigate the complicated road to retirement and avoid the many potholes in Medicare.

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In this educational seminar we’ll cover:

  • Retirement Income Milestones
  • Understanding Medicare Road Signs
  • Creating a Road Map for addressing Health Care Costs

All joking aside, the road to retirement and Medicare is complicated and there are many potholes that you can find yourself in if you’re not careful.  This webinar will help prepare those who are aging into Medicare or getting close to retirement age.

Join us so that you will NOT get lost on the road to retirement.

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