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Developing your Tax Control Triangle Strategy

In an earlier blog, I shared the following Tax Control Triangle visual and I would like to dig a bit deeper into one of the Tax Favored opportunities: Roth IRA’s.

While Roth IRA’s may not be appropriate for every investor, please take a moment to review our Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA’s comparison here.

We have unique tax planning software that we use to collaborate with our client’s and their Tax Advisors to determine if they should convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth and if so, how much.

-Edwin A. McKnight, LUTCF, CHFC® -Investment Advisor

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Call 615-895-8574 or Contact us to review or begin your Tax Control Triangle Strategy. A meeting with Edwin McKnight, LUTCF, ChFC®, Investment Advisor may be just the thing to answer key questions and determine if a Roth would be the right for you.