Celebrating Superpowers & Defeating Kryptonite

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We all have our strengths and weaknesses; the things at which we shine and the things that drain our energy. Identifying those qualities in the workplace can have an incredible effect. Here’s why you should know your superpower and kill your Kryptonite.

What’s your superpower?

We don’t all wear capes, but for some things we probably should. We all have that one thing that we’re really good at. In fact, you’ve probably got it on your resume three times – but when was the last time that you thought about what it is? Most likely when you were creating your resume.

What would happen if you continually re-evaluated your strengths in the workplace, as in, the place you work right now? What if you identified every task that you do and ranked whether it was your superpower or your Kryptonite? What if you only did tasks for which you were uniquely suited?

Identifying your superpowers and communicating them to your supervisors and team mates can have an incredible impact on your work. You’ll be happier, more productive, and more creative.

Unfortunately, you can’t always live in your strengths.

Killing Kryptonite

What’s the one task you would never do again if you had the chance? How often do you have to do it?

We like to call that your Kryptonite. Just as Kryptonite drains Superman’s strength, there are tasks that do not match well with your strengths.

Identifying your strengths is just as important as identifying your weaknesses but it seems that weaknesses have a greater impact. Maybe it only seems that way because you’re working out of them.

So how can you kill your kryptonite?

The answer is teamwork. You may be terrible at a certain task but, chances are, one of your coworkers isn’t. Working together with others on your team can help the entire teach to work more out of your strengths (superpowers) than your weaknesses (Kryptonite).

Piecing the Puzzle Together

Every quarter at McKnight, each employee creates a Task Tally and ranks the tasks they are responsible for according to what they are best at (their unique quality) and the one that defeats them every time (their Kryptonite, if you will). We match up all those task tallies for each team and for the company as a whole to make sure that all tasks are being done by someone who is amazing at doing them.

Why spend all this time going through the list?

There are several reasons why we take the time to go through our Task Tallies. First things first, we need to make sure that every task is covered. All the essentials need to be taken care of. As time goes on, new tasks crop up and someone has to take them over. Its better if the person who takes on a task is comfortable, confident, and who’s superpower best matches the skill set necessary for the task.

Another reason is because sometimes you find yourself in a role for which you just aren’t suited. Employees who are constantly working at things that frustrate them aren’t going to be as productive or enthusiastic as employees who are doing tasks that are in their wheelhouse.

It also helps us to create a puzzle piece effect in our team. Where one person is strong, another is weak. One person might be really good at making presentations but terrible at writing speeches. Another person may be really good at writing but terrible at public speaking. If those individuals work together, their skill sets complement each other’s perfectly. Finding everyone’s strengths and weaknesses creates a stronger and more cohesive team.