Telemedicine: An Employee’s New Best Friend


In today’s world where people don’t have time to slow down and go to the doctor, telemedicine is helping people get better sooner with easier access to doctors and medicines. McKnight Advisory Group’s Employee Benefits Department breaks down all the advantages that telemedicine offers employees and employers.

What is Telemedicine and where can I find it?

McKnight: Many insurance carriers will include this in their group benefits package. Employees don’t have to take time off work; they can call a 1-800 number and have a doctor triage them over the phone and write prescriptions. Telemedicine is also evolving and is now expanding into potential mental health benefits.

What is the advantage of Telemedicine for employees?

McKnight: If the employee is on a high deductible health plan, using Telemedicine could be a quarter of the cost of a traditional doctor’s visit. The employee also doesn’t have to request as much time off work. Without having to juggle time off requests and waiting for their doctor’s appointment, the employee can get on the road to recovery sooner.

Additionally, if an employee’s child is sick and on their plan, the employee can easily contact a doctor day or night - We all know kids only get sick at midnight. The on-call doctor can advise whether they can help remotely or if the employee needs to go to the Emergency Room.

Almost 75% off all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video (Iafolla, Teresa. “67 Surprising Telemedicine Facts You Should Know.” 67 Surprising Telemedicine Facts You Should Know,

What is the bottom line?

McKnight: The employee having access to a doctor 24 hours a day will help them get on the road to recovery sooner. This is also amazing for employers because their productivity does not go down due to sickness. Quicker treatment could also help stop the illnesses from spreading to other employees. Telemedicine is a benefit to both employees and employers.