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Why "Hair Day" will save America

Why "Hair Day" will save America

April 17, 2020

Over the years, I’ve learned much wisdom from my parents and my in-laws that has served me well throughout the course of my life. Elements of this wisdom were the love of art that my mother taught me, the strong work ethic and integrity from my father, and the sense of humor of my father-in-law, Glen. Glen often joked and teased my mother-in-law, Ocie, about “Hair Day”.

“You know, I can’t die on Friday because that would mess with Ocie’s Hair Day!” Glen would say with a twinkle in his eye as he looked with mischief at Ocie.

We would all smile and continue with the conversation, which mostly occurred at the many Sunday Dinners (that’s at noontime, for my Northern friends) Ocie prepared.

Throughout the years, I’ve carried on the same tradition with my wife with comments like, “Never get between a woman and ‘Hair Day!’” or “I’m so sorry, I forgot that this is ‘Hair Day,’ of course I’ll stop everything and drive you into town!” To which Edna always replies, “I’ll be finished around 10:30 so be back to pick me up”. I have found that “Yes Ma’am!” and feverishly setting alarms on my phone were the appropriate response.

They say “Confession is good for the Soul” so, I must share that (on multiple occasions) I have broken the Second Immutable Hair Day Law, which is to say “Wow! Your hair looks Great!” as my wife gets in the car, returns from her “Hair Day” event, or walks into the room for the inevitable “Hair Day” reveal.

I share this with you to say, while I can’t predict when our current Recession and the Covid-19 Pandemic will end, I have great confidence that it will eventually come to an end and it will be the “Hair Day” phenom that will bring our economy surging back to pre-recession highs and perhaps an even stronger economy.

Why? Because “Hair Day” is an immutable, foundational element of our society. If you don’t believe me, a recent news release regarding surge purchases at Wal-Mart ( lists hair color and beard trimmers, which, I submit, supports my observations and conclusions.

You can also see this with many of your favorite TV personalities as they “Shelter in Place” and film remotely. Their hair has grown longer or doesn’t have that made-for-tv finish you would normally see when they’re on set and have the makeup resources to get that “every hair in place” look.

So while you are “Sheltering in Place” and binge watching your favorite re-runs, here are three things you might consider as you abide the time until you and I join the millions of American’s who will, once again, respond to the siren call of “Hair Day” and get back to our barbers and stylists.

  1. Initiate good mental health by expressing gratitude. (Download m F.E.A.R. Gratitude Journal)
  2. Develop a Shared Interest Mastermind Group.
  3. Develop a music Encouragement Playlist. (This is my morning playlist.)