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McKnight Edwin - Form ADV Part 2B

Edwin McKnight Form ADV Part 2B

Silver Oak Securities, Inc.
Registered Investment Adviser
403 N. Parkway, Suite 101
Jackson, Tennessee 38305
(731) 668-3825

Edwin McKnight
Investment Adviser Representative
1800 South Rutherford Blvd
Suite 202
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Form ADV Part 2B
Brochure Supplement

This brochure supplement provides information about Edwin McKnight that supplements the
Silver Oak Securities, Inc. Form ADV Part 2A firm brochure. You should have received a copy of
that brochure. Please contact Mr. Bill Reuther at (731) 668-3825 if you did not receive Silver
Oak Securities, Inc.’s brochure or if you have any questions about the contents of this

Additional information about Edwin McKnight is available on the Securities and Exchange
Commission’s (SEC) website at

Educational Background and Business Experience

Name: Edwin McKnight
Year of Birth: 1959
Educational Background:
Middle Tennessee State University, BS, 1981

Business Background:
Silver Oak Securities, Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative, 09/2023 to Present
Securities America and Securities America Advisors, Registered Representative and Investment Advisor
Representative, 09/2020 to 09/2023
Securities Service Network, Inc. and SSN Advisory, Inc., Registered Representative and Investment Advisor
Representative, 11/2012 to 09/2020

Item 3 Disciplinary Information

Edwin McKnight has no disciplinary information to disclose.

Item 4 Other Business Activities

Your Financial Professional is actively engaged as a registered representative of Silver Oak Securities, Inc. In this
capacity, they have a conflict of interest when recommending Silver Oak Securities, Inc. over other investment
advisors and broker/dealers because they are licensed as a Registered Representative with Silver Oak Securities,
Inc. and can only receive fees or commissions from clients when clients use the programs available through Silver
Oak Securities, Inc. Silver Oak Securities, Inc. has placed certain limitations on their advisory and investment
activities. A conflict of interest may arise as these commissionable securities sales may create an incentive to
recommend products based on the compensation instead of acting as an investment adviser. It may not
necessarily be in the best interests of the client.

Your Financial Professional is actively engaged as an insurance agent. If this capacity, they may receive
commissions for the recommendation/sale of insurance products. The receipt of this compensation may affect
their judgment when recommending insurance products to clients. While they endeavor at all times to put the
interest of clients first as a part of Silver Oak Securities, Inc.’s fiduciary duty, you should be aware that the receipt
of commission and additional compensation itself creates a conflict of interest and may affect their judgment
when making recommendations. Your Financial Professional attempts to control for this conflict by recommending
insurance products based on the individual needs of clients first and then considering any commissions they may
earn for selling the insurance policy.

Your financial professional is actively engaged as an owner of rental property.

Your Financial Professional is actively engaged in farming and the sale of farming goods.

Item 5 Additional Compensation
Certain product sponsors provide your Financial Professional with economic benefits as a result of your Financial
Professional’s recommendation or sale of the product sponsors’ investments. These other products and services
can benefit Silver Oak Securities, Inc. (“SOSI”) and/or your Financial Professional but may not benefit you. The
economic benefits received can include but are not limited to, financial assistance or the sponsorship of national or
regional conferences, client meetings or other events. It can also include educational sessions, marketing support,
payment of travel expenses, occasional business entertainment, including meals, virtual entertainment and
invitations to sporting events, including golf tournaments, educational opportunities and tools to assist your
Financial Professional in providing various services to clients. These services can include but are not limited to,
software and other technology (and related technological training) that provide access to client account data (such as trade confirmations and account statements), facilitate trade execution (and allocation of aggregated trade orders for multiple client accounts), provide research, pricing information and other market data, facilitate
payment of fees from clients’ accounts, and assist with back-office training and support functions, record-keeping
and client reporting. Some of these services may be used to service all or some substantial number of accounts,
including those that are not specifically maintained by an individual product sponsor. These services are intended
to help manage and further develop the business of SOSI and your Financial Professional and can include
professional compliance, legal and business consulting, publications and conferences on practice management,
information technology, business succession, regulatory compliance, employee benefits providers, human capital
consultants, insurance and marketing. Some product sponsors may make available, arrange and/or pay vendors for
these types of services or discount or waive fees it would otherwise charge. These economic benefits may be
received directly by your Financial Professional or indirectly through SOSI who have entered into specific
arrangements with product sponsors. A recommendation/requirement that clients maintain their assets in
accounts based in part on the benefit to your Financial Professional or SOSI or the availability of some of these
products and services and other arrangements and not solely on the nature, cost or quality of custody services
provided create a potential conflict of interest. These economic benefits could influence your Financial
Professional to recommend certain products/programs over others.

Your Financial Professional received a forgivable loan of $14,280 in September 2023 when he joined SOSI. The loan
is forgivable over a period of five years and forgiveness is based on your Financial Professional remaining with
SOSI; forgiveness is not based on any production or asset management requirements. The proceeds to the loan
were used to repay an outstanding loan from their prior firm.

Item 6 Supervision
Edwin McKnight is supervised by Bill Reuther, Chief Compliance Officer of Silver Oak Securities, Inc. Firm policies
and procedures have been designed to ensure appropriate recordkeeping and supervision, and all Financial
Professionals are required to adhere to our firm’s Code of Ethics and procedural guidelines. Mr. Reuther, as Chief
Compliance Officer, will monitor firm activities and the advice provided by performing the following ongoing

• Account opening documentation when the relationship is established
• Review of account transactions
• Assessments of the client’s financial situation, objectives, and investment needs
• A review of client correspondence on an as needed basis
• Periodic internal firm review

Questions relative to the firm, its services or this brochure supplement may be made to the attention of Mr.
Reuther at (731) 668-3825.