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<strong>Little Did I Know What Would Come of Selling Life &#38; Health Insurance Back In 1985</strong>

Little Did I Know What Would Come of Selling Life & Health Insurance Back In 1985

I like to say that I was “fresh off the farm” and eager to make a career out of helping people – especially my neighbors – my own community. I remember, in those early years, spending nights and weekends on the road …meeting with clients in their homes. I also wanted to spend time with my family. So many times, I would take my wife and two kids with me on those client visits. I am not sure the kids appreciated having to sit still through all those client meetings very much, but I loved it when they were there.

In 1990, we started McKnight Insurance Group, Inc. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of changes in the financial services and insurance industries – and we’ve adapted along the way.

Beginning in 2011 with my participating in a leadership training program called Leadership in Life Institute (LILI), I began seeking out business mentors to help me become a more effective leader. This pursuit of business wisdom, combined with the paradigm shifts in our core areas of business, lead us into a transformation. This transformation was from the foundation up and so in 2015 we recognized that our current corporate name was no longer reflective of who we were as a company and became McKnight Advisory Group Inc.

Since 2015, we have invested heavily in people, mentoring and processes, all of which help us achieve our passion of helping our clients achieve their greatest potential for success™!

Welcome to McKnight Advisory Group.

~Edwin A. McKnight, LUTCF, ChFC©, Investment Advisor Representative

Founder, McKnight Advisory Group, Inc


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