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Expecting the Unexpected

Expecting the Unexpected

At McKnight Advisory Group, our passion is helping our clients achieve their greatest potential for success. We believe that insurance plays a foundational role in protecting savings and your family in the case of a chronic illness or unexpected medical event. McKnight offers advisory services and insurance products to guide you through the Medicare process and assist you with life’s unexpected events.

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Our Medicare Appointment Process

Our Medicare Appointment Process

We understand that Medicare can be a complicated process, and McKnight is here to help navigate this journey with you. If this is your first time enrolling into Medicare, or if you would like a review of your current Medicare plan, please click the button below to access our Medicare Appointment Process Form.

Once this information is received our team will reach out to book your appointment or to review your situation with you.

Medicare Appointment Process Form
Navigating Medicare Book

Navigating Medicare Book

Let's be honest - Medicare can be a bit overwhelming, but you are not alone on this road. NAVIGATING MEDICARE is designed to take you beyond the surface, to give you the information you need, so you may invest yourself in the journey and feel satisfied about the outcome of your decisions. 

Click the button below to purchase Mr. Broome's book.

Purchase Navigating Medicare Book
Are you aging-in to Medicare?

Are you aging-in to Medicare?

As you near age 65, you have to make several important decisions about your Medicare
coverage. These decisions can be confusing and can take some time to make. This fact
sheet will help you:
1 Determine your Initial Enrollment Period
2 Decide whether to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B when you turn 65
3 Find out how to sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B (or opt out of Part B)

Medicare Aging-In Fact Sheet

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