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Javier Hernandez

Javier Hernandez

Marketing Associate

Meet Javier Hernandez, an integral member of the marketing team at McKnight Advisory Group. Since joining the company in February 2022, Javier has brought a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication to the table. Born and raised in Middle Tennessee, he has a strong sense of commitment to making a positive impact.

Currently pursuing his dreams as a senior at Middle Tennessee State University, Javier is carving a path to success in the world of business administration with a focus on Economics & Finance. But his ambitions don't stop there; he's actively involved in the MTSU Army ROTC program and the MTSU SOAR club, embodying a spirit of leadership and service.

When he's not busy excelling in his studies or contributing to various clubs, you'll find Javier immersing himself in his favorite podcasts and devouring books. He firmly believes in the power of continuous learning, and this philosophy extends to his professional life as well.

With enthusiasm and passion, Javier embraces each day at McKnight Advisory Group, eager to offer unwavering support to the company's mission and vision. He relishes every opportunity to gain real-world experience in the dynamic and ever-evolving financial services industry.

Gratitude flows through Javier as he reflects on his journey so far. "I am thankful for the opportunity and blessing I have with McKnight Advisory Group," he says with sincerity. "I look forward to continuing learning and gaining real-world experience within the financial services world!"

As Javier strides towards a bright future, his dedication and hunger for knowledge serve as a beacon of inspiration to his colleagues and peers alike. With a promising career ahead of him, Javier is undeniably a rising star in both the academic and professional realms.