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Webinar Panel Event With AROSA & Smith Wright

Time Stamps:
10:00 - Table of Contents
12:15 - Continuity Plan of Care
14:35 - Jodi Jackson / AROSA
25:00 - Benefits of Care Management
27:00 - Sonya Wright
32:00 - Why do I care?
39:30 - What do I need?
49:00 - Q & A
01:01:45 - Summary

Watch this special webinar that was hosted by McKnight Advisory Group on how HR professionals can provide clarity and assistance to their employees experiencing chronic or acute family illness.

- Learn the HR Professional's role in preparing work Associates for Chronic and Acute Plan of Care for family members.
- Gain an understanding of the legal preparation necessary for a properly prepared Chronic and Acute Care Plan.
- Identify the Advisors and learn their roles in developing and executing a Chronic and Acute Plan of Care.